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"Wild Camp" 

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"Wild Camp" in the heart of nature

Especially for hikers, backpackers, nature lovers and (small) adventurers, the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" offers you a unique opportunity to "Wild Camp" nature camp (also called wild camp) in the purest form possible. Far away from the pressures, you literally cannot see your "Wild Camp" nature camp spot through the trees!


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"Wild Camp" Nature camp in its purest form

With your tent in the big forest in an idyllic spot among wild animals such as deer, roe deer and foxes. Or on the large lake dam close to the river with gently rippling water so you can paddle and dive into the lake. Or along the waterfront on one of the banks of the lake among the bushes and bamboo with lots of privacy. That's "Wild Camp" nature camp in its purest form and it's all possible on the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" which is characterised by small scale with respect for peace, space and, of course, nature!

"Wild Camp" Nature camp is not camping

The holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" is not a campsite or a large holiday resort but something in between in a beautiful historical location with a large natural lake, a river (Le Périgord) and large forests. You spend the night in your own tent on the holiday domain, in the woods or on the waterfront, where you are offered a number of practical facilities such as sanitary facilities and leisure facilities.

On the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605", there are a number of designated "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches. The pitches have a natural location, in the woods, on the dam or along the banks. Small in size but nice and spacious, which is precisely what gives more peace and privacy! The number of "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches present is limited to just 6, divided into 5 zones over 25ha of domain land, and every effort is made to provide guests with as much space as possible.

"Wild Camp" Nature camp with good facilities

Cosy and safe "wild camp" nature camp on the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" with still a bit of comfort. Basic sanitary facilities are available and are located in the beautiful "Maison de Maître". The sanitary facilities consist of a toilet with washbasin and a hot shower with water from our own spring. It is shared sanitary facilities with the other "Wild Camp" and "Camper Space" visitors on the holiday domain but this is usually not a problem. In addition, a washing machine and dryer are provided for a fee. Of course, you should bear in mind that the sanitary facilities are not right next to your tent and you have to walk a bit to go to the toilet or shower. The "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches on the dam and along the banks of the lake are the shortest by the "Maison de Maître" but still you easily walk about 150 metres to reach the toilet and shower.

If you go "Wild Camp" nature camp in the woods of the holiday domain, you will soon have to walk some 1000 metres to visit the toilet and shower but then it really is "Wild Camp" nature camp. Guests who use the "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches in the woods are allowed to dig their own little hole in the ground and do their needs there as they should in the wild. Many small streams with clean and drinkable water flow through the forests, which is very nice to have close to your tent.

"Wild Camp" Nature camp and recreation

Nature camp or wild camp is, in respect, already a form of recreation, you seek the peace and space in the middle of free nature to relax and completely come to yourself by becoming one with nature! Yet it is nice if there is something more than just that. To help you enjoy the peace and space, it is nice to know that you can swim and fish in natural waters. There is a river "Le Périgord" with a waterfall where you can paddle and the children can play. There are plenty of woods where you can walk and cycle for hours, finally there is a campfire place for cosy evenings under the open sky to enjoy a snack, a drink and a good conversation with other guests.  

"Wild Camp" all year round

The "Wild Camp" nature campsites in the woods of the "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" holiday domain can be reserved and used for "Wild Camp" nature camp all year round, which means you can also enjoy the great outdoors with us in spring, summer, autumn and winter! The other "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches on the lake dam "La Barrage" (zone 1) and along the waterfront "Le front de mer" (zone 3) are unfortunately not available in autumn and winter.

Sustainable "Wild Camp" Nature Camp

Only the "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches on the lake dam "La Barrage" (zone 1), Bamboo island "l'île de bambou" (zone 2) and the water bank "Le front de mer" (zone 3) have the possibility of using electricity. The "Wild Camp" natural camp pitches along the lake banks and in the woods are not equipped with an electricity connection. It is preferable to use e.g. solar energy (Solar) and therefore bring your own power bank or Solar charger for your phone etc.  

What "Wild Camp" basic facilities are available

The following facilities are available for "Wild Camp" adventurers:

  • Drinking water (from its own well)
  • Electricity* (230V/6A blue CEE camping plug)
  • Toilet with washbasin and hot water shower
  • BBQ area with picnic facilities
  • Natural water with river Le Périgord, swimming permitted
  • Sport/fishing in the natural water (there are rules, read them here)
  • Washing machine* and tumble dryer*
  • EV-charging station* for electric or hybrid vehicles

* = Use on payment, see rates for more information.

What is allowed and what is not allowed

It is always nice to know what exactly is or is not allowed, that way you know where you stand.


  • Pets, if leashed, read the rules here
  • Making music with a guitar or other instrument
  • Use of gas or charcoal BBQ

Not allowed:

  • Camping behaviour such as setting up an arsenal of garden furniture with windbreaks, umbrellas etc.
  • Loud music
  • Open fire/campfire during dry periods

Additional information

  • Tents are placed on almost level hard ground
  • Maximum stay in the same spot is 72 hours
  • Quiet hours from 8:00pm to 08:00am
  • The pitches are completely car-free
  • Use of the swimming pool is not intended for "Wild Camp" campers

Zéro Déchet "Zéro Waste" policy

The holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" applies a Zéro Déchet "Zéro Waste" policy. Domain guests are expected to separate all waste neatly and pay for the disposal of the residual waste remaining after separation themselves. Of course, this concerns only the waste produced by the domain guest himself. All waste separated by the domain guest is taken in free of charge! If, as a domain guest, you choose to put all your waste in one bag and present it as residual waste, you will unfortunately have to pay for this.

More information on our "Zéro Waste" policy can be found in the section: Zéro Déchet "Zéro Waste"

Wild Camp" nature camp pitches

There are no "fixed" tent pitches on the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605", as it is a "Wild Camp" nature campsite, but there are designated areas for "Wild Camp" Nature camp. Only 3 "Wild Camp" tents are allowed on the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" in the immediate vicinity of the "Maison de Maître", not because of space but because it is not a campsite. In the woods, only 3 "Wild Camp" tents are allowed on designated "Wild Camp" nature camp pitches (zones).

Available "Wild Camp" nature camp zones:

Zone 1: "Le Barrage" (The Dam) 1 camping pitch on the dam
Zone 2: "l'île de bambou" (Bamboo island) 1 camping pitch near bamboo island
Zone 3: "Le front de mer" (The waterfront) 1 camping pitch on the waterfront
Zone 4: "La Petite Forêt" (The little forest) 1 pitch in the forest
Zone 5: "La Grande Forêt" (The large forest) 2 camping pitches

Zones 1+2+3 are only available from 1 May to 1 October
Zones 4+5 are available all year round and are therefore also suitable for nature camping in autumn and winter

Check prices and availability of our unique "Wild Camp" pitches here and book now online!

Special wishes or questions?

We are flexible in terms of availability and possibilities. If you have special wishes or questions about availability and possibilities, we ask you to contact us first and discuss this in detail.