"Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" 
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Recreational (sport) fishing in natural waters

Recreational fishing on the holiday domain

The holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" has a large natural lake of more than one hectare and a depth of up to 6 metres which is continuously supplied with fresh water from the river "Le Périgord". There are many (young) fish in the natural waters of the holiday domain, the most common species being sunfish and trout. To ensure the ecological balance of the fish in the natural waters, no exotic fish species are released.

The bottom of the natural waters of the holiday domain is mostly clay soil and natural vegetation (plant remains). The soil is rich in food for plants and animals and therefore the natural water houses many (small) animals including water turtles and crayfish.

The guests of the holiday domain are allowed to cast a fishing rod in the natural water and to fish, but anglers should respect the fish caught and release the fish into the lake after fishing.

In France, night fishing is not allowed in natural waters (unfortunately for some domain guests) and fishing is not allowed between 1 February and 1 May as this is the fish mating season. We, the owners of the holiday domain consider respect for people, animals and nature very important for the preservation of the beautiful nature, lakes and forests and assume that all its domain visitors visit our holiday domain with the same idea.

"Carte de Peche" the necessary fishing licence France

Fishing requires a fishing licence " Carte de Peche" throughout France, except in the natural lake of the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605"! As we of "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" own the water rights "Droit fondé en titre d'usage des eaux", which pre-date the Napoleonic era (this is the time before Napoleon Bonaparte was in power in France from 1799 to 1815), a "Carte de Peche" is not necessary for the domain guests!

If you go fishing in one of the lakes outside the holiday domain, you do need the fishing licence. The easiest way to buy the required fishing licence is online at www.cartedepeche.fr The website is available in French, English and German.

Questions or comments

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