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European Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel

Today, it is essential to reduce our impact on the environment. This is why, by purchasing our holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605", we chose to act ourselves by adopting an ecologically responsible approach.

What exactly does the European Ecolabel entail?

The European Eco Label is the only official European Ecolabel that can be used in all member states of the European Union. It is an all-encompassing approach to he respect for the environment that covers both sides of the economy and the environment, purchase and use of products. Reception and information of holidaymakers, maintenance of vegetation and recycling of waste.

What does the European Ecolabel mean?

The European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation will make you feel even more at ease. Because it guarantees that the place where you stay meets more than 20 criteria to reduce its impact on the environment.

Do you also choose green?

Products and services with the EU Ecolabel are produced more sustainably. The label therefore sets strict requirements on the use of raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste and packaging.
The EU Ecolabel is the official European eco-label for non-food products and services. It is supported by all EU-member states, the European Commission and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

What measures has the holiday domain taken to reduce its "footprint"?

Energy consumption

  • Only LED lighting is used.
  • The outdoor lighting only comes on; 15 minutes after dusk and automatically switches off completely at 22:00. During the night, all outdoor lights operate on motion detectors (with automatic switch-off after 10 minutes) and are divided into several sectors so that not all lights switch on at the same time when there is movement on the premises.
  • The pool plant pump is frequency controlled and automatically switches to 1/4 speed during the night, thus saving over 3/4 of energy consumption during the night.

Solar panels

  • A total of 21 solar panels of 400Wp have been installed on the roof of the mill building with an annual output of about 10,000 kWh of electricity.
  • Electricity that is "left over" and thus produced as "too much" is automatically "pumped" into the power company EDF's electricity network, allowing it to be used by, for example, residents in the village.


The natural lake of the holiday domain "Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf 1605" is a reservoir with its own hydropower plant (turbine) for generating electricity. The turbine is operable from October to March, when there is sufficient water supply from the river Le Périgord. The turbine consumes about 3,000 litres of water per second while the water supply can be less than 300 litres per second between March and October due to drought.

In September 2021, the existing turbine was dismantled and moved within the mill building to be set up as a museum object. The old turbine has served on the holiday estate from around 1950 and retired at the age of 70.

A new high-efficiency turbine will be installed on the site of the old turbine in 2022-2023. The new (smaller) turbine will have a consumption of only 276 litres of water per second and therefore it can be operated from October to April with a power output of 10Kw (400Volt).

Hydro Power Project 2022-2023

The new waterturbine went into production in July 2022 and is expected to arrive at the Port of Rotterdam by the end of October.

Water consumption:

  • Use of water from its own water source through an efficient hydrophore system with extremely low energy consumption.
  • Reduction of flushing and shower usage by domain guests and the domain visitors.

Sorting of waste

  • A mini environmental station is available for recycling waste where there is a separation of; paper, cardboard, glass, tin and plastics.
  • Used batteries are sorted separately in a special plastic container to prevent spills.

Tourist accommodation with European Ecolabel: the environment is all-inclusive.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments as a result of this information, we would of course like to hear from you. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or use the contact form on the contact page.